Saigon Liwayway is one of the key players in the confectionery industry in Asia. They manufacture and distribute the leading snack brand, Oishi, in Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia. Since the inauguration of the Vietnam manufacturing facility in 1997, they have been providing customers with a diverse range of quality snack products at attractive prices.

  • Schaefer Orbiter system (Channel Storage)
Channel storage system

Project objectives

  • To increase storage capacity
  • To optimise warehouse operation by using an innovative shuttle solution
  • To optimise flow of goods

Scope of supply and services

Liwayway’s distribution facility is located in Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, with a total area of 1,260 square feet. The company continues to grow with the introduction of new products with different flavours and enticing forms of snacks. The continuous growth inevitably led to the need of a more advanced warehouse solution.

As a specialist in intralogistics and material handling equipment, SSI SCHAEFER has implemented the Schaefer Orbiter System. The solution has significantly reduced operation time with a total of 300 pallets storage and retrieval for every 8 hours per day. Their current warehouse space has been fully maximised up to 2,460 pallet positions.

The sweet and savoury snacks manufacturer is impressed with the system which provides 100% more storage capacity compared with their previous racking system. Evident increase in warehouse efficiency has reduced manpower cost by 20%. The solution needed less material handling equipment, hence resulting in lower maintenance cost. In addition, the inventory function capability of the Schaefer Orbiter System provides an easier inventory pallet tracking.

  • Schaefer Channel Storage

Statement from the customer

“The excellent space utilisation capability of Schaefer Orbiter System has significantly reduced operating and property costs. We are very pleased to work with SSI SCHAEFER team. Not only has the new storage system helped to achieve our objectives and overcome the challenges we have faced, it is also a very cost-effective solution.”

Mr. Vincent Ng from Saigon Liwayway Food Industry Co. Ltd.

For more project information, project specifications and more project pictures, please download Case Study in PDF on the right hand side. The Case Study is in PDF format and needs Adobe Reader to view.

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Thông tin và Tư vấn

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