08. Tháng năm 2017

TOP 25 Logistics Technology Companies 2017

SSI SCHAEFER: Managing and Optimising Intralogistics’ Complexities through WAMAS

24. Tháng tư 2017

SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH at transport logistic

IT knowledge plays a pivotal role in SSI Schaefer’s business strategy – a fact underlined by a dedicated stand for SSI Schäfer IT Solutions GmbH at the transport logistic 2017 trade fair (9th to 12th May in Munich). As...

18. Tháng tư 2017

Manufacturing Technology Asia (MTA) 2017

SSI SCHAEFER participated in MTA 2017 at Singapore Expo and booth number is 3E3-05 (4 - 7 April 2017)

26. Tháng tư 2017

A new name, a new focus: SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH

Markets and technologies are changing rapidly, with huge ramifications for intralogistics. There is increasing demand for solutions that can be implemented rapidly and tailored to the unique requirements of specific industries...

23. Tháng ba 2017

Closer to the customer: intralogistics experienced first-hand in China

The SSI Schaefer Group will be the first company in the sector to open a technology centre for the Chinese market in Kunshan near Shanghai. The facility – with a showroom, convention centre and development department – represents...

30. Tháng ba 2017

Fully integrated solution for low-turnover inventory

Farla is an Italian cooperative that distributes medicines and parapharmaceuticals. It is headquartered in Latina and also has a site in Viterbo. It tasked SSI Schaefer with maximising space utilization and streamlining...

07. Tháng ba 2017

CeMAT SouthEast Asia 2017

SSI SCHAEFER kindly invite you to join us from 2 – 4 March 2017 at Indonesia Convention and Exhibition (ICE) - BSD City

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